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Trivia For Harry Potter Fans


How well do you know Harry Potter?Choose your house, and let's find out! Each house has their own non-intrusive theme, and you will earn points to help your house. Compare scores in your house, and even compare scores across all houses, worldwide!Questions range from easy to NEWT level, all with a little humor stirred in the cauldron.Over three hundred questions available at the start, and several added each day!Feeling creative? Add your own trivia questions from the game, not having to go to a special web page. Your submitted questions will be checked for accuracy and added to the database!You will not find any annoying, micro-transactions in the game, just Harry Potter questions!If facts differ from the movie versions of the books, we go by the book text.Questions update daily in the background, but once you start the app for the second time, you can play offline on the go, if you wish.At the end of each round, your House Points gained will be added to the World-wide House Point database!If you think of a feature this app is lacking, please drop us a line via email and we will see to adding the features!Features added since launch: new Backgrounds and logo, a more appealing house point system, and the ability to track your lifetime total of house points.